Orixas: Nature Gods

Ossain-received_1066113386766934-mdOne of the most important aspects of the Candomble religion from Brazil are the group of orixas, or “orishas” that are honoured and revered with ritual offerings.

Orishas serve the supreme being Oludumare, and are considered powerful nature gods, who were originally the ancestors of the Yoruba, Fon and Bantu people, among other tribes. Other Yoruba-based religions also honor the orishas, so if you’ve done any reading about other such paths, Candomble might seem familiar to you. Read more



Hello! hope everyone is well ! and we will continue with our explanation about Ogans, and how they are divided and they ” positions ” within a temple of Candombl

But that will happen only after all this learning process varies from person to person :

I will write some positions Tata Kambondo :

1. Tata Kisaba – Ogan responsible for the leaves.
2. Tata Kivanda – Ogan responsible for the killings, the sacrifices of Some kind of sacred animals . (even if Axogun ) .
3. Tata Muloji – Ogan preparer of spells with leaves and Cabacas .
4. Tata Mavambu – Ogan or saint ‘s son who takes care of (Exu) Eshu house (preferably male) ,

Next meeting , lets talk about each these positions.

Soup Run – volunteer application

Soup Run – volunteer application

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Church of Candomble is in urgent need of helpers to aid us with our Soup Run. We need drivers, chefs and assistants to deliver the food to the homeless. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to help others and give back to the community. Please fill out the volunteer application form on our website or email us at info@churchofcandomble.com