Hello! hope everyone is well ! and we will continue with our explanation about Ogans, and how they are divided and they ” positions ” within a temple of Candombl

But that will happen only after all this learning process varies from person to person :

I will write some positions Tata Kambondo :

1. Tata Kisaba – Ogan responsible for the leaves.
2. Tata Kivanda – Ogan responsible for the killings, the sacrifices of Some kind of sacred animals . (even if Axogun ) .
3. Tata Muloji – Ogan preparer of spells with leaves and Cabacas .
4. Tata Mavambu – Ogan or saint ‘s son who takes care of (Exu) Eshu house (preferably male) ,

Next meeting , lets talk about each these positions.



The player of drums is better known as “Ogan” withinin the Church of Camdomble!

I will talk about Candomble Bantu , or as it is commonly known, Candomble Angola .
In Candomble Angola, the “Ogan” is also known as: Kambondo

But to get to this level of Kambondo, the drummer goes through a learning process, each with their own duties and role. After going through this learning process, he will be called: Tata Kambondo.

What is a “Ogan” or Kambondo within the Candomble?

A: Ogan is a kind of male priest in charge of playing the “drums”
and singing to the Orixas.

But the “Ogan” is divided in various functions within the Church of Candomble.
We’ll be discussing Ogan OR Kambondo in more depth on our next conversation here on the site: Chuch of Candomble