Our Faith

Our faith comes from devotion to the orixas (based on beliefs of our ancestors, African deities and nature gods).


Candomble is an Afro-Brazilian religion that believes in the concept of life after death. The word candomble means ‘dance’.

The faith

Faith is believing in something that cannot be seen. But you can feel its presence, a positive energy. We believe in nature and its elements; our vital energy comes from the strength of the four elements:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire

And through our Gods (orixas).


Energy and sensations through the gods of nature (enlightened deities). We worship 16 orixas.

These orixas were brought to Brazil from Africa by the slaves, around 1525. It’s a religion with an oral tradition, passing down through generations.

We believe the orixas guide our destiny and protect us. Each person has their own protector, an orixa that stays by your side throughout your life. Your personality and temperament will be very similar to your orixa’s character.

Cowry shells provide us with a method of communicating with the orixas. A cowry shell reading is used to determine which orixa guides us.

How to become a son or daughter

Are you a medium?

Join our spiritual family, become a son or a daughter (a person that has been initiated into the religion)

Signs of mediumship:

  • Sixth sense (premonition, smells, jitters, etc)
  • Hearing
  • Vision

Learn how to develop your mediumship, how to become positive. Discover how to use your mediumship to help others.