When a child is Baptised in the Candomble faith, this child will not only be blessed by the Orixas but will also receive their protection, which will last them a lifetime. The child becomes a new member of the spiritual family.

The ceremony is led by an entity and takes place in the church. Please note we can only hold a maximum of 25 people.

If you require more information, feel free to contact us.


For the Orixas, marriage is a lifelong union. It is a spiritual and carnal union, where the Orixas give their blessing for this new journey.

Ceremonies can be held at the church as well as other venues. Weddings taking place at the church can only be for small ceremonies, up to 25 people.

Who can get married in the Church of Candomble?

It is not necessary for the couple to attend the church or be existing members
People who have been previously married (with the exception of those who were married in the Candomble faith)

Spirtual Healing

All treatments are done by an entity of light, who has been working (whilst in trance) with spiritual healing on earth for over 35 years.

This entity has been helping others with their ailments through his knowledge of herbs.

His treatment includes baths, teas and incense. In some cases, further treatment might be required. This is a spiritual treatment not intended to replace medical, psychological or psychiatric sessions.

Limited availability, please book your consultation in advance.