Hello! hope everyone is well ! and we will continue with our explanation about Ogans, and how they are divided and they ” positions ” within a temple of Candombl

But that will happen only after all this learning process varies from person to person :

I will write some positions Tata Kambondo :

1. Tata Kisaba – Ogan responsible for the leaves.
2. Tata Kivanda – Ogan responsible for the killings, the sacrifices of Some kind of sacred animals . (even if Axogun ) .
3. Tata Muloji – Ogan preparer of spells with leaves and Cabacas .
4. Tata Mavambu – Ogan or saint ‘s son who takes care of (Exu) Eshu house (preferably male) ,

Next meeting , lets talk about each these positions.

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