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This week we will be discussing carbon footprint – what it is, how it’s measured and what we can do to reduce it.

Carbon Footprint is the term used to describe how much carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) are emitted into our atmosphere by a person, organisation, an event or group. These gases cause pollution which endangers our environment as well as our health.

How much emissions are produced by an individual or a household will depend mainly on how much electricity and gas you use at home; other factors will include waste disposal, how often you use a car, train, bus, etc, your diet.

Here is a link from the charity WWF which has a good calculator:

After you have completed the questionnaire, your footprint will be displayed as well as tips on how to reduce it, and how you compare to others in the UK as well as the world.

It is very important to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, and live a greener life. This will ensure our planet is safe for all creatures and it will also bring many benefits to our health.

Check back again next week for more information and tips on how to take care of our planet!

Vivian Carvalho

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