The Soup Project is back

The New Year started with an opening party for entity Exu Morcego which took place at our church on the 30th of January. It was a blessed event, a lot of positive energy. Now we are continuing with our projects for the upcoming year. Our main focus is to help people in need. We will continue with our soup project from February.

Soup project:

This February we will be continuing with our soup project in central London. I would like to stress that this project is currently being funded by us with the help of a few donations. This is not my project but a project belonging to all that care about others, if we have more than we need why not help those that do not have enough? I would also like to emphasize that this is a humanitarian project, not for profit and not for religious purposes. It is not our intention to use this as an opportunity to expand or advertise our religion.

Please feel free to volunteer and help even if you are not a member or a believer of our faith. These people sleep rough, in the cold, and without a permanent address they are not even entitled to receive benefits – they need our help. Let’s keep their hopes up by doing what we can. We welcome donations!

Thank you,
Priestess Mae Eja

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