Predictions for 2016


Predictions for 2016 by Mae Eja of Oxum, Priestess at Church of Candomble

The cowrie shells have determined that 2016 will be a year governed by the Orixas Oxala and Iansa. Oxala is the father of all orixas and 2016 will be under the rule of Oxalufan (the older Oxala) and Iansa (Goddess of war and queen of the winds).

Oxala will rule for the first 6 months, Iansa will take over from July. The year will start with lots of rain in january, the rain of Oxala. Nature will show its power, expect lots natural phenomena. But Oxala will be protecting the Earth. It will be a good year for business, new companies and investments. It will also be a good year for romantic unions. Those with existing health conditions, pay attention and be extra careful.

Iansa will rule from July, pay attention as there will be war and conflict in Europe and the Middle East. These countries will have misunderstandings on the path to progress. But according to the Orixas, 2016 will end well, problems will be resolved and the cure to a lot of illnesses will be found.

Tips: In order to give 2016 a good start, wear white on New Year’s Eve. It’s also good to have something silver on you.

Bath for protection in 2016 (bath recipe to have the protection of Oxala) White corn bath for the 1st of January:
3 handfuls of white corn
2 litres of water

Boil the white corn in the water for 15 minutes. Strain the water from the corn, this water is your bath (do not bathe yourself with the corn). Once cooled pour the water over yourself, head included.


Have another bath for 24 hours

Have sexual intercourse for 24 hours

Consume alcohol or drugs for 24 hours

Eat pork or spices (pepper) for 24 hours

Women cannot have this bath whilst on their period

This bath is very relaxing and it is great for those who wish to renew their energies to start the new year.

Happy new Year from Mae Eja and all the team at Church of Candomble

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