Mae Eja


I am Mae Eja, Priestess and founder of Church of Candomble. This page gives everyone a chance to communicate with me directly, an opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about the Orixas and our fascinating religion, which embraces culture, history and tradition.

It is a beautiful religion, filled with secrets and customs inherited from our ancestors, with hierarchies and traditions passed down from father (mother) to sons (daughters).

I will discuss a lot of topics that are suitable for everyone, like how to transform your life with the help of the Orixas. I will write in a concise and objective way so everyone can grasp the wonderful world of Candomble. Each week I will be here explaining a little bit about the Orixas as well as our Candomble, Angola Nation.

If you have any queries our would like to discuss a topic in particular, please send your question or suggestion to

Mae Eja

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