Virtual Prayer Candles



Virtual Prayer Candles:

Very Powerfull Candle ,  Goodness of Nature the Orixa’s will come to help you in your issues in different circumstances with this candles .

     Heath problems , unemployed issues , relation ships problems ,confident issues , family issues.

Excellent to change negative energy , bad energy ?  bring positive energy around .

Why not charge our soul ? Everybody need recharge our spirituality .


Virtual Prayer Candle for every need, if you are having difficulties resolving issues, you can use this candle – let it answer your prayer!
Say your prayer and send it to us, we will ask the Orixas (nature Gods) to come to your aid and help you with what you need.
You can ask for protection, for strength – you can also use this candle to ask for help for someone else, or to rid yourself of negative energy.

*** You cannot use the virtual prayer candle for people who have passed on.

How to book your special prayer candle?

Choose for how many days from Menu :


01 day

07 days

01 month

01 year

Add on Basket

Send email to us

Include Your Details:

Full Name , Date of birth, what bothers you or what you need help.

Your picture or picture of another person would you like us to prayer.

We will answer on next day .

                                                                                                                                      and inform you when will be starting  Praying.

Ours Blessings.


                                                                                                                                                             Church of Candomble


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