Zen Spiritual Brand Himalayan Pink Salt Powder Shaker 100G


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Zen Spiritual Brand Himalayan Pink Salt Powder Shaker 100G.
Easy to use no messing , Ready for use on food or table use .
100% Organic Natural  & Heathy Himalayan Salt Pink Powder , Pack in U.K. by Zen Spiritual Ltd.

Himalayan Salt :

Is used mainly in the kitchen to spice and give flavour for different types of dishes.

 This is definitely a better and healthier version of traditional table salt. 

Such a salt can be added literally to all dishes .

 Himalayan salt is perfect as a supplement to soups, all meat dishes, salads and sandwiches.

*** This salt contains about 80 minerals and has the richest content of ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of our body. 

What else is different?

– It replenishes micronutrients in our body, and thanks to microcrystals they are more easily absorbed and subjected to metabolism.

– In its composition we find the most important elements for the human body such as iodine, magnesium, potassium or iron.

– Supports the circulatory system, regulates blood pressure and water content in the human body.

– It allows you to get rid of heavy metals from the body.

– Has high antibacterial activity and eliminates painful muscle spasms.

– Bath with the addition of such salt helps detoxify the body.

– Allows you to relax, add energy, strengthen your muscles.

– The Himalayan salt solution has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and helps in colds and clears the sinuses.

– In the form of rinses, it helps to get rid of the infection and sore throat.


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