Church of Candomble inauguration

We are pleased to announce the opening of our church, and would like to invite you to celebrate with us. The inauguration party will be held on October 17th, come join us!

About us

We are a different church from the others. We believe in the spiritual world, in the Orixas (nature Gods). Church of Candomble is the first Orixa church in the United Kingdom. We do not discriminate against race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We offer baptism and wedding ceremonies.

We also offer spiritual development:

  • Cowrie shell readings
  • Initiations (Bori)
  • Rebirth (Feitura de Santo)
  • Spiritual cleansing (Ebo)
  • Advice on how to improve your life
  • Catechism for children

Join us!

Please contact us to confirm your presence here.

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