Bombagira (Gypsy) Party

Bombagira is a female entity who once lived amongst us. She manifests herself in the body of the medium to help everyone (man and woman) with issues in love, relationships and to help us attract a new partner. She can also help us stand out and feel more confident.

Bombagira (Gypsy) Party

An admission fee of £15 per person is required to attend (if purchased in advanced). On the door, admission will be charged at £20.
It will be a cocktail party, hors d’oeuvres and appetisers will be served with champagne. Dinner will be served afterwards.
Dress code: Cocktail (Dark colours only)


Raisin-vegetable Rice
Roast Chicken
Roast Beef
Mixed Salad
Farofa (cassava flour fried with butter and spices)
Dessert: Cake

Wine and soft drinks will be served.

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