Vivian Carvalho

Vivian has been attending Church of Candomble for 3 years, she has a role within the church. The Orixa that guides her is Xango, the God of thunder. Her role of ekedjy is an important one – she is responsible for the medium while he/she is in trance.

She will be writing every week about the environment, with tips on how to preserve nature and how to reduce your carbon footprint.


Marcio Parana

Marcio has been a spiritual son (filho de santo) for 8 years. The Orixa that guides him is Exu, the messenger, the God that can move between the different planes.
He is an ogan and is the main drummer (alabe de rum) for the church. Music plays a key role in our rituals and parties, and our drummers have been carefully selected by the Orixas.

Marcio has been reborn in the religion with the name (dijina) Barakesan – he will be writing weekly about his role within the church, as well as the roles of other types of ogans.